Why an auction?

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So why are we running an auction? Well, we had a GoFundMe running for a while that went 100% towards paying the staff while we are closed. With many generous donations from the community, we hit and surpassed that goal and dispersed those funds. However at this point we need to raise funds to pay back rent (you can read a little about that and our philosophy here). Instead of just putting our hands out again we decided to do an auction. That way you get more than just a fuzzy, warm feeling from helping us out. Heck, you could get a cool guitar! Or even an apple corer!

How an auction?

It’s pretty easy. We have 3 pages of items, all of which were donated from some very generous folks around town. There are nice descriptions. Read them. When you decide “Hey, I want that apple corer!”, put in a bid. You will be asked to register on the site. We need your name, email, and phone number. Don’t worry, we wont pass it around town. There’s even a higher than average chance that after you get your item we’ll delete your account and all the information associated with it. I mean, that’s your info, not ours, right? We just need it to make sure you get that sweet, sweet apple corer.

OK, so I placed a bid. Now what?

No need to fret, Jet. If you’re still the high bidder when the auction ends you will receive an email with a link to claim your precious Olde Timey Appley Deluxey Core Buster (or whatever it’s called). If you are outbid, you will also get an email so you can snipe that sucker at the last second from the jerk who tried to take it from you. Now you can core their eyes out! We do ask that you not really core people’s eyes out. Or at least not tell people where you got the idea. We also ask that you pay for your item as soon as possible. Remember, this is a fundraiser. It’s not for a vacation or a new jet ski. It’s for keeping this bar alive and kicking. Man, whatever happened to that band Simple Minds?

Hey! I won an item!

Look at you! Welcome to the big leagues. Well almost… Have you paid for that item? You should have received an email with a link to pay for it. No? Check your spam folder. Still no? Email us and we’ll figure it out. Ok, so you won an auction and paid for it. How do you get it to your home to start skinning and murdering apple cores? The easiest way is to come by the bar any time, Monday through Saturday, from 4 pm to 8 pm. In fact, if you live in or around Durham, NC, that’s the only way to get your item. Are you a friend or a friend of a friend from out of state? Email us and we’ll work it out.

Does that mean you’ll ship my item to me?

It means maybe. If you are in Durham/Raleigh/StripMallVille, I mean Cary, or any other close by area, then get your butt down to the bar and get your thing. If you live in California then we’ll get it to you. That’s what it means. And no, shipping isn’t free. The USPS/FedEx/UPS cost exactly a “not free” amount.