Our auction was very successful, and it was all because of you! Well, you and you. Also you. Basically, we couldn’t have done it without you. There are a couple very special folks who made this happen that I would like to give my heart felt thanks to. Please visit these folks on their pages or follow them on the Instas and buy all the things.

Kathleen really deserves the most credit here. The whole auction was her idea and she took the reins and really made it happen. Without her organization skills and motivation none of this would have happened. Whether you donated something for the auction or purchased something from the auction, you probably directly dealt with her at some point. [insert non sequitur here] Do you like Tarot? Well she is a master and has an amazing patreon going where she does readings and explanations. Check it out and show your support!

JP Trostle (check that out, he has a wikipedia page!) is a great friend of the Fern and not only did he donate lots of cool things to the auction itself, but he hooked me up with web design support when I reached the end of my abilities on getting the website up and useable. Without that connection, I’m not sure there would have been a website to host the auction. Basically, without JP and Kathleen there wouldn’t have been an auction for folks to donate items to and for you to buy. So while I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and I can’t even express the awe and gratitude I feel, I am humbled and honored to have friends like them to help keep me sane in these insane times.

Below is a list of the folks that donated items for the auction. PLEASE support these folks. Go to their websites. Buy their products. Follow them in the Instagrams. Buy them a drink.

  • Don Freeman – ALL THE WEB SITE HELP! Thank you so much.
  • Lady Pilot Letterpress – Letterpress greeting cards
  • Jeremy Essig – “Glory Holes” t shirts
  • Meka La Crème @mekalacreme on IG – 3 masks
  • JP “Kirk over Picard” Trostle – @japenet in IG Custom Sketch, “The Future is Past” digital print, Mad Max poster, Mountain Goats poster
  • Eilisain Jewelry – Cat claw earrings
  • BC Crabtree – 2 diptych sketches (4 sketches total!)
  • Phraseworks @phraseworks on IG – 2 needlepoint designs, 2 needle minders
  • Car “not my real name” Automobile – Sam the Sham original poster
  • Rudi “Why is Amazon sending me these?” Petry – Water pitchers and apple corers (“you’ll core your eye out!”)
  • Leonine Designs – jaw bone necklace, copper bracelet
  • Brooke “I made this from a microwave” Pauli – custom wood art
  • Erin “c’mere” Karcher – Guitar
  • Steve “Who you callin’ scooter trash, eh?” Travis – Thule bike rack
  • Kendie Cannabis Hemp Products – CBD salve
  • Andrew “not the Iron Man, but an Iron man” Stark – Drum lessons
  • Lori “firm hands” Glenn – relaxing massage session
  • Jesse Tecpilticani – handmade Huichol jewlery
  • Arcana Durham – “The Hermit” cocktail mixer. It’s pronounced “AR- ka – nuh”.
  • Neon Crow Designs @neon_crow_designs on IG – Earrings
  • Bruce Mitchell – Art Print